im so tired yet I’m so lonely

im so hurt and yet I want affection and yearn for another human beings touch n caress,,, im not hungry but I’m starving for human touch and love

fuck I feel so alone

trying to push myself through work but a hug really does work wonders

I miss my son Chavez I miss his hugs n kisses

i miss being his mom :(

god it’s so hard to try to act like I’m okay

I end up breaking down and crying at work

im glad to have Jermaine at home but I think I’ll give him a hug when I get home because I need a hug,,,

i don’t think my online friend knows I’m starving for love here

its terrible I feel alone and isolated

and I feel like I have no one to talk to about it

i was watching a video about Chester Bennington

he was sexually abused he had a problem with substance abuse and he was depressed I feel like I can relate

he committed suicide I don’t want to die

but I want these feelings to end




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One Response to 6/23/18

  1. Brad says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling way down. But think of this one thing regardless of what things you’ve done or whether someone has treated you terribly, there is always someone who is thinking about you. Unfortunately you have no one to share your plight with at this moment… just think at times life boils down to moments of struggle that we must all overcome.

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