hi. Im doing okay. Im try to stay strong.

Im at my place in kenora.

im sad. Sad that people are miserable af about me,

i met someone awesome,,, he’s very caring and been through a lot

i was crying telling him some of the crap I went through

but he was totally cool about it

totally nonjudgmental and accepting

I told id be honest and I’d be there to listen to him anytime ,,, day or night, sun or moon light,,,,

omg I didn’t sleep until after 3 this mornin, we chatted for 4 hours straight…. I love it when u find those type of connections

the Shaw guy is here hooking up the internet

hmm I wonder what he is doing now

anyways I just need to think and talk about something else other than

what crap albert throws at me,,, calling me a whore again and that I can never be loved and appreciated ,,,

so sad,,, it makes me frustrated,,,,

but life goes on,,,,

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