I Pray For That Fool For You

well i guess i can’t make anyone happy anymore i do my best buts its never good enough jase no effect: i dont know what the big deal is anymore… why is your life so damn private that u need a legal team and maids reading through our messages and yet u have the nerve to get mad when albert reads our messages,,,,, ffs albert: yeah i gave you countless changes and unlimited love and forgiveness after all this crap we put each other through,,,,, i even took u to kenora so u could see your lover fawn when you were all messed up about her,,,, i put my own needs aside that time…. i put myself aside a lot of times for the people i love and care about… well Carolyn! look after yourself and quit worrying about people who dont give a muskrat’s ball hair about you ,,,,, must be written down in your life stories of Carolyn tribulations,,, lol wtf is that? sometimes i read words somewhere,,,they pop into my head later,,,i try to use them but i dont know what im saying i was telling tyson i used to babysit my brother and sister a lot when they were growing up,,, the teacher at school asked cayla to draw a picture of her family, she drew me, (may be carla), her, JJ, and Dreyson,,,,the teacher asked her where her mom was ? she told the teacher she went to bingo…. lol funny girl omg its been so long since i just got to sit down and write to my homepage…. im listening to miracle by jon bon jovi,,, now Santa Fe… music from the young guns II soundtrack     the spirits they intoxicate me i watch them infiltrate my soul” may be people dont like me because i say things that other people wont say,,,, the truth,,, lol staaaaaah everyone has their own version of the truth,,,, their own lives and their own realities of whats going on their world,,,, pffffftttttt just misery loves company so much,,,, whiskey took my little sister by the hand and made her think she fell in whiskey love,,,,, shkint,,, LOL but yeah she loves to party her poor body is taking a beating though same with my brother Joseph John…. hes all grumpy in his room,,,, hung over perhaps…. he just shakes away,,, and he gets sick,,,, i can understand why he’s so depressed,,,, i wish he would help himself….i wish she would help herself….i wish i could do it for them because i would if i could….but i am only me,,, i cant take any of it away for any of them….but i can love them and support them as they go along in their journey of life,,,,,



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good read Carolyn

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