dec 5

well hello there my knet peoples

how the heck are you

I worked at the band office today from 12pm -4pm

I like it

hope everything goes well for hotel arrangements for the people in Ottawa.

go home to my moms to cook and clean for the kids

have a great evening and thanks for dropping by….xoxox


12:13 am

Another day gone
Time to rest my head
Told Irene I’m grieving the loss of my relationship
Cried in front of her
Told her it’s a funny thing how much grief our hearts can carry.


2:05 pm

damn i feel defeated
i lost the battle but not the war
lol as if… im a loser and i know that

i hate albert as usual. i wish i didnt have to care

irene says just to take this time to heal
dont need to take a bunch of garbage into my next relationship
boy i got a lot of emotional and mental garbage

fucking write it out
whoever reads this
well i guess you will know

dec 2018

well hello there december! well im at my moms with the kids… which is fine.
used of it. raising kids. at least i know they are looked after.

Action Items for Today

“Do not be hard on yourself this week. Accept that there will be mistakes we make as humans. Mistakes are often necessary for us to learn and grow. Remember that there are other humans around you who know this and are there to support and forgive.


“I will learn from my mistakes and I will approach things differently now that I have the updated knowledge to do so. I will be positive and grateful that I have so much support from those close to me. I know that I have the power to create my best possible outcome when it comes to making the right decisions for my future.” Say this affirmation 2 or 3 times this week in the mirror.”

well that’s something to think about. oops i could have burnt my moms pot handle off,,, lol, turned on the oven lastnight so it wouldnt be so cold,,, theres pots and pans in there,,,, lol,,,, luckily they can take the heat…

tyson didnt want to interfere with caylas visiting,,, and cayla left cielle again,,, wow. oh well im glad i got to visit with cielle for a bit then.